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Our Story

EST. 1987

Hello, and welcome to Kung Pao Bowl! Make yourself comfortable and let us tell you a little about our story.


Four decades ago, John first stepped foot in America, leaving his family, friends, and fiancée behind in Taiwan. He found himself a minimum wage job washing dishes and bussing tables in a bustling Chinese restaurant in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Through the long hours and grueling physical labor of working in the back kitchen of a restaurant, John discovered his passion and natural adeptness for culinary skills.


A dream was borne but it would take over a decade before John, with the help of his wife May, would carry out this dream of opening his very own restaurant.

After scraping together all their savings and taking a big chance on a long-sought dream, the original "Kung Pao Bowl" opened its doors in Norwalk, CA in 1987. Word spread quickly around Norwalk and soon customers were lining up outside their small storefront for their popular rice bowls. None was more famous than the Kung Pao Chicken Bowl, still their signature dish.


As the years went by and business kept growing John and May took the plunge to take their small restaurant to the next level. A second Kung Pao Bowl was opened in Fullerton, CA in 1997, followed by one in Santa Fe Springs, CA in 1999 and then Huntington Beach, CA in 2003.


Today, Huntington Beach still stands as a popular hotspot for many customers. Its spacious interior, whimsical design (inspired by Disney legend, Rolly Crump!), and ample seating make for a most relaxing dine-in meal. Or for the busier customers looking for a quick bite on the go, Kung Pao Bowl offers take-out, online ordering, or delivery orders -- always cooked fresh, of course.  


Since day one, John and May have been determined to provide customers with healthy, delicious, and affordable authentic Chinese food. Despite the business growing to a level that exceeded what John dreamt up in that hot and crowded kitchen back in 1974, he has stayed true to his promise. Quality food using only the freshest ingredients is still being served every day, and we hope you will give us a try and taste it for yourself. We are confident you won't be disappointed! 

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